Frequently Asked Questions


GULFREIGHT is fully integrated transportation SaaS platform that seamlessly connects the Tenants (with Valid subscription) with their Shippers, Carriers and Owner-Operated trucks. We facilitate rapid digitization of transport operations for our customers at no upfront cost when it comes to deployment of the Transportation Management Software Stack. Our platform empowers all stakeholders to efficiently manage their end-to-end transport operations with complete control and visibility at every stage, cutting through the clutter.



Why Shall you use the GULFREIGHT.COM? empowers you to effortlessly establish your own Trucking Marketplace, simplifying dispatch management, while seamlessly connecting you with your preferred shippers, carriers, and owner-operated trucks. Our platform offers enhanced control, visibility, flexibility, and transparency across your entire transport operations,


Transport Operations and Dispatch Management

Experience seamless end-to-end order streamlining with a fail-safe mechanism across a diverse range of FTL/LTL/FCL/Car Carrier/Tow Truck operations. Tenants can effortlessly route shipments from their customers (shippers) to their preferred carriers, utilizing single-sourcing or automated bidding Strategy for real-time order fulfilment. Stay ahead with real-time monitoring, alerts, and location management of your registered trucking assets, empowering you and your stakeholders with comprehensive control and visibility at every stage of the process.


Productivity Enhancement:

Benefit from a wide array of features that foster synergies in operations and drastically reduce your operational expenses through digitization. By streamlining processes, our platform eliminates the need for additional manpower traditionally required for dispatch coordination and post-processing of shipment data to create invoices. Embrace efficiency and cost-effectiveness with automated workflows, allowing you to focus resources where they matter most while maximizing productivity.


Joining GULFREIGHT is initially free of cost for the first few orders, and there are no charges for using the GULFREIGHT Mobile App. However, after the initial period, tenants will be required to pay subscription charges based on the number of loads they execute each month. If a tenant's subscription plan expires, stakeholders connected to that tenant, such as shippers, carriers, and owner-operators, will have restricted access to the system. Additionally, all costs related to SMS and email alerts are already included in the per-trip subscription charges for tenants. This means tenants won't incur additional charges for receiving alerts.